World Views and Ultimate Authority

Last week, within a 3 day period of time, the Lord gave us the opportunity to speak with two Mormons, a Muslim, and a fellow believer living out his Christianity in a very real way. The Mormons came to our house (surprise, surprise) and we talked with them for about an hour. Bob plans to meet with them next week again. The Muslim was our taxi driver to the airport, and the believer was on our last plane.

The crux of the matter with each of their different belief systems came down to who or what they had as an ultimate authority. The Mormons sounded so close to what we believe, but the more they spoke and listened to us speak, the more it was evident that their authority was not in God’s Word but rather in the “revelation” given to them by the “spirit.” Notice that I don’t capitalize the word “spirit” because they were not referring to the same Holy Spirit we are talking about. Oh, they say that they are, but their belief system does not believe that Jesus Christ is the only true God and the only way to God the Father. God’s Word says, that no one calls Christ Lord except through the Holy Spirit and anyone denying that He is Lord does not have the Holy Spirit.

The Muslim was a little different. He believes in the Koran of course, but thinks that God created many different religions for diversity and that they are all good. However, he also unequivocally stated that there can only be one God, so the Buddhist are wrong for worshipping multiple gods (sounds a little contradictory). Bob hopes to speak with him again, as well to find out what authority he is basing that and other statements on.

The believer we met believes that God’s Word is his authority and he has tried to emulate Christ as portrayed in Scriptures to the point of selling everything he had and living on the streets ministering to the homeless. He was filled with piercings, and though we might not agree with all of his methodology we had to be encouraged by his zeal to follow in Christ’s footsteps and love for people.

These four men, and every other person alive bases their decisions and beliefs on fundamental bedrock presuppositions and those presuppositions determine the way that we think and live out our lives. Those who would say that you can not know truth, or that there are no absolutes are also living based on “absolute” presuppositions. Those people will still call things “good” or “bad” and “right” or “wrong” and they have to have some authority by which they make those decisions. Others might say that their presupposition or final authority is logic, or science. However, it begs the question, where did those “laws” of science and logic originate? The big bang? Where do the laws of science come from? No one denies that 2+2 equals 4, and even if that truth is denied, the fact remains the same.

I believe in an absolute, foundational truth, and that is that God exists and that He has spoken to us through His Word. I believe that He masterfully designed and created all life, created the laws of science and logic, and rules over all whether anyone believes in Him or not. He embodies all that is good and true, and there are clearly beliefs and actions that are completely opposed to his character and are evil.

For those who say that “truth is relative” and there really is no such thing as right or wrong, I’d like to see how they’d respond if their child was killed, or their property was damaged or stolen. Suddenly, something within says, “That’s wrong.” God created each of us with a conscience, and has written His law on our hearts so that we recognize right and wrong.

Although, some have hardened themselves to God’s revelation by continually suppressing His truth, His truth still remains unchanged. One day, “every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.” Praise the Lord for His perfect, unchanging character! Praise the Lord that we can rest in the absolute truth of His Word and find our peace and security in Him!

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