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Design Your Website to Maximize Customer Conversion

The March 2014 Netcraft Web Server Survey shows that there are more than 900 million websites currently in operation. Many of them are encouraging your potential customers to purchase their products and services. Don’t lose business to those sites with these conversion centered design suggestions: Web Pages Versus Landing Pages The majority of your business

16 Apr 2014

3 Inspirational and Trendy Scrolling Techniques

Without scrolling, it would take an awful lot of concentration and good vision to read the end credits of a movie. But still, it’s not as though 99% of the audience sits through the end credits, since most people don’t really care who the Dolly Grip was, or what they even do. Of course, web

10 Apr 2014

Choosing an Art Gallery Website Template for Your Ecommerce Site

Building an eCommerce website today is a lot more difficult than it was a few years ago. With the industry constantly evolving, it is imperative that your website stand out among the hundreds of sites out there selling to everyday consumers. As the owner of an art website, creativity and being artistic are crucial. Before

24 Dec 2013
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5 Most Common WordPress Mistakes

WordPress allows users of all kinds to share their thoughts on everything from recipes and photography to business and stock information. So whether you use your WordPress as a personal blog, a way to promote your business or as a way to make money on advertising, there’s a few common mistakes to avoid in order

09 Dec 2013
Hannah Payne

How to Avoid Black-Hat SEO Methods

Most companies have a lot of work on their hands when it comes to optimizing for search engines. Search engine algorithms are frequently updated and they can even be rewritten entirely, as recently illustrated by Google Hummingbird. Because of this, learning how to avoid black-hat SEO methods is now more critical than ever. Being penalized,

13 Nov 2013

Parabola Theme for WordPress

I don’t usually like a lot of free WordPress themes that are out there. It’s not that they aren’t good, it’s just that they lack customization or the look I want. I might as well build one myself to fit what I want to do rather than hack up someone elses theme. However, I recently

18 Oct 2013

The Difference Between Your Home Page and a Book Cover

I just finished designing a book cover for a client (see image at the bottom of the post), and I was reminded again of how similar the design of a book cover is to the design of the home page of a website. (Or, at least how similar it should be.) This is a quick

13 Oct 2013

Staffing Up an Astounding Social Media Team

Even with more businesses adopting social media as part of their marketing portfolio, many still struggle with how to create the ideal social media team. The Social Marketing Forum states that only 27 percent of small businesses have a dedicated team with 65 percent adding social media tasks to existing staff. Knowing the strategies behind

03 Oct 2013

Getting & KEEPING Traffic on Your Website

What are you offering people when they come to your website? If it’s just a pretty design, then you have failed! Trust me, I LOVE designing beautiful websites, but what I love even more is to help a client come up with an organized, professional, and easy to navigate website that is full of helpful

24 Sep 2013

Making WordPress Mobile Friendly

This handy info graphic taken from gives clear detail on both the necessity of making your website accessible and user friendly on mobile devices as well as how to make it happen. NOTE: This info-graphic deals specifically with the use of WordPress themes that already have responsive features built right in. If you already

23 Sep 2013