Time for a Website Redesign? Read on for Tips

As you consider redesigning your website, it can be tempting to pull out all the stops and try to attack everything at once. Kind of like when you decide to make over your house, you suddenly find endless areas that could be tweaked and fixed. Be careful not to get caught in this trap. Instead,

11 Mar 2015

The Basics of Web Design

Take a look at this handy infographic that covers all of the basics of web design.

19 Feb 2015

What is material design?

Material design is a concept and practice that marks Google’s entry into the design arena. The search giant is well-known for its interest in user experience and how we use multiple devices to access information. These two concerns lie at the heart of material design. Far from remaining a corporate project, however, material design has something

12 Feb 2015
It is free title

What Freemium Does for Your Business

Freemium, the hybrid of “free” and “premium,” has become a successful business model with the rise of mobile technology like smartphone apps. The varied freemium products and services include LinkedIn’s free profiles and accounts but paid subscriptions for richer functionality and online games like Candy Crush that are free to play but offer paid features

31 Dec 2014

The Basics of Designing a Website

This is a clever infographic created by displays the essentials of basic website design. Everything from wireframing, typography, design layout, and responsive design are covered. For more goodies you can visit

11 Dec 2014

Starting a website in today’s competitive market requires much more than simply building a website. Website owners are finding it necessary to implement all technological outlets to enhance their website. YouTube will simply allow a website owner to upload a video, which may never have the traffic compared to websites using the services of an

10 Dec 2014

Use Social Media Strategies to Promote Your Web Design Company

As a Web designer, you have an advantage when it comes to online marketing. Design is an integral part of effective branding and image-building, and it already comes naturally to you. However, for a marketing plan to be well-rounded, your design company needs to make the most of social media, too. If the thought of

01 Jul 2014

Tesla Themes Anniversary Mega Giveaway!

I love Tesla Theme frameworks! I’m using the Revoke theme on my own site, and the last three client sites I’ve built have been using this framework. They have a wide variety of themes, and an even wider variety of features within each theme framework. As a developer, I love that they produce quality work

21 May 2014

The Top 10 Ecommerce Websites

Sometimes it seems that actual hard currency is old fashioned, and if you’re coming from a place where plastic, electronic currency is commonplace, it can be strange to visit a country where notes and coins still reign supreme. Bitcoins, payment via contactless paypass, using your Smartphone as a payment consol, PayPal – the increasing dominance

30 Apr 2014
Baron Warren Redfern Trademark Attorneys

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Your intellectual property can be your livelihood, and if someone else decides to trade on your branding the consequences can be dire. The more successful you become, the more tempting it will be for others to steal your trademarks and suchlike. In order to prevent this from happening, it’s important to start protecting your intellectual

30 Apr 2014