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Reflecting the Designer aims to provide professional resources for website designers, developers, and bloggers in the form of tips, tutorials, and spotlights. You can help make this happen by contributing your own expertise to the site. Not only will you be featured on a high page ranking site, but you will also have the chance to broaden your networking ability. See the requirements below. Because this site seeks to provide professional and experienced posts, Reflecting the Designer holds a high standard of who can contribute and the ways in which they contribute.

Author Requirements

  • Authors must be design, development, or marketing professionals either full time or as an active side business.
  • Authors must have an active, growing website pertinent to the topics of their posts.
  • Authors must be considered as experienced sources of information or services relating to the posts they provide.
  • Authors must only provide content that they have personally written or recorded. Copyright infringement is strictly prohibited.

Post Requirements

  • All post text, video, and audio content must be your own. Images must either be your own or in keeping with current copyright laws.
  • Must include an image to be used as the featured image.
  • Must include the ready-to-publish, fully edited text with desired title.
  • Must include your name, title, picture of yourself, and a brief bio.
  • Must include a link to your website.
  • Posts that are blogging related should be specific to WordPress. Posts that are web designed related should be either cross cms platform compatible or related specifically to WordPress, as well.
  • Must post a Reflecting the Designer text link or badge somewhere on your site
  • Must not be used to market or advertise a specific product or service.*
  • *If you are interested in promoting your service or product through advertisement, contact me personally. I do allow advertising on this site through the use of paid links or graphic, but they are all done through my personal recommendation and should not ever be done through a contributor post. The goal is to ensure that site visitors are getting unbiased and accurate information from qualified contributing professionals rather than advertisements or promotions. I will promote an advertisement personally to a service or product that I recommend. Contact me personally for further details.

Post Categories

Web Design & Development
You may choose to submit a post of your choice that would fit under one or more of the following categories:

  • Tools & Software
  • Workflow
  • Free Resources
  • Trends
  • Scripts and Coding
  • SEO

WordPress Specific Tips
(Artisteer specific tips are welcome but definitely not necessary.)

  • Basics
  • Plugins
  • Theme Design & Editing
  • Codex
  • E-Commerce

Graphic Design

  • Logo & Branding
  • Fonts & Typography
  • Free Resources
  • Marketing
  • Print Design
  • Software & Tools
  • Trends


  • Marketing & Mailers
  • Social Networking
  • E-Commerce
  • Affiliate Programs

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