Photography and Photo Editing

The Basics

I love to take photos, but even more I love to edit photos so that the essence and story of the image can really be reflected in the fullest way possible. I offer basic to complex photo editing services which would include but are not limited to background blur or removal, color editing, teeth whitening, red-eye reduction, glare removal, texturing, lighting and special effects, etc. You’ll see a small sampling below of some of my photography and edits, but most of my graphic design work also includes photo editing as well.

Digital Portraits

A digital portrait is a photo that is made to look like a hand-painted portrait. These are usually printed on canvas and can have a really stunning effect. Depending upon the original image size and editing requirements, this can be a very quick to a very time consuming process which usually involves “painting” over the original image using several layers in Photo Shop. As a professional portrait painter, I actually much prefer to do digital portraits at this stage of life. It is not only more time efficient, but it’s also much more cost effective for my clients since I can send them the file online anywhere in the world versus insuring and mailing an original painting.


I charge a flat rate of $25 per hour on all of my photo editing work. I have charged as little as $5 for edits taking less than an hour to complete. Most projects can usually be completed very quickly. If you live near the Knoxville, TN area and are interested in a photo shoot, feel free to contact me so that we can talk through details.


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Photography and Photo Editing
These are a few of my favorite edited pictures from a very rushed photo shoot I did with my friend Yui. Different editing styles were implemented from subtle to very intense artistic stylizing.
Photography, Photo Editing, Photo Compilation
A collage of edited photographs that I took of my daughter and put together to make one piece of artwork. This was actually designed specifically for my Facebook cover photo.
Photo Art
An art piece I made from a snapshot taken of my husband and I by my phone.
Photography and Photo Editing
This is just one edited photo from a short photo shoot with a friend in Hong Kong.
Photography and Photo Editing
These are edited photos from a photo shoot I did with friends at a local art park in Hong Kong.
Photography and Photo Editing
These are a few of my favorite edited pictures from a short family photo shoot I did for the Peltier family.
Photography and Photo Editing
This was from a photo shoot I did for a friend who wanted some images for a new blog. These are just a few of my edited final photos from that day.
Photo Editing with a Hand Painted Effect
Photographs that are edited in such a way that they have the appearance of a hand painted portrait. This is not done with a filter, but by digitally "painting" over the entire piece digitally. This can be a very easy and quick process to a very time consuming process depending upon the resolution and quality of the original photos.
Background and Color Editing
Joe and Becky had an indoor winter wedding, but they wanted to display their photos year round without having to have that winter themed background. I replaced the backgrounds of some images, adjusted the coloring, and did some cropping to complete the looks. You can view the originals and completed images in the slider on the product page.